You don't have to book a place to go on any of our walks - just turn up at the designated meeting place!

Please ensure you are appropriately equipped for walking! If you do not have appropriate footwear, or are wearing jeans, the walk leader may refuse to let you join the walk. Before coming on a walk, please read the Before Walking page and our disclaimer. Also check the weather.

Can you lead a walk for our group too? Take a look at our Walk Leader Guidance Notes.




Saturday 27th: Pendle Hill - Brierfield to Barley linear

Bus-based walk 8 miles 550 metres ascent - Leader: Cathryn

Description: This is a linear walk starting at Brierfield and ending at Barley. This walk takes us through meadows, moorland and around two reservoirs. We will stop for lunch at Newchurch and then follow the Pendle Way to the top of Pendle Hill via Ogden Clough. Our descent of the hill will be along a steeply set stepped path which leads us to Barley and a drink at the Pendle Inn. There are a number of steep ascents and descents.

Meet Point: Chorlton Street Coach Station for the X43 bus at 10:15, changing at Burnley(Stand 2) for the M3 bus at 11:42.

Suggested Ticket: Transdev Daytripper ticket £9.50 or £20 for a group of up to 5 people(covers buses X43, M1 and M3). Purchase on the bus. Also, to enable you to use bus 7 for return journey, also buy Pilkingtons Bus single £1.95. Purchase on the bus.

Walk Start: Brierfield bus stop at 11:55.

Waypoints: Old Laund Clough, Spen End, Newchurch in Pendle, Fell Wood, Upper Ogden Reservoir, Ogden Clough, Big End(Pendle Hill Summit), Pendle House, Ings End and Barley.

Return Services: From Barley - Journey option 1: Barley, bus 7 @ 16:42, arr. Nelson @ 17:05, then Nelson, bus M1 @ stand 4 @ 17:16, arr. Burnley 17:38, then Burnley, bus X43 @ stand 7 @ 17:45, arr. Manchester @ 18:55. Journey option 2: Barley, bus 7 @ 17:52/18:57, arr. Nelson @ 18:15/19:20, then Nelson, bus X43 @ stand 2 @ 18:25/19:55, arr. Manchester @ 19:52/21:22.

Extra: Toilets at Chorlton Street St. and at Newchurch which is approx 1.5 hours into the walk. None on the buses. Map EX OL21.


Tuesday 30th: Salford Trail launch walk

Direct walk 2 miles - Leader: Manchester & Salford group

Description: The Salford Trail is a new, long distance walk of about 50 miles/80 kilometres and entirely within the boundaries of the City of Salford. The route is varied, going through rural areas and green spaces, with a little road walking in between. The Trail will be opened at Salford Quays Metrolink station at 12:00 by BBC Radio presenter and Ramblers president Stuart Maconie. The opening will be followed by a short walk around the Quays to which all Ramblers groups are invited. Note - Northern rail strike originally planned has been cancelled, so this will not affect any journey into Manchester to connect with the tram.

Walk Start: Salford Quays Metrolink station at 12:00.




Saturday 3rd: Hole Bottom and Polished Knob - Todmorden Circular

Train-based walk8 miles 500 metres ascent- Leader: Phil M, joining at Moston

Description: We ascend a steep hill to visit the Bridestones. We then descend into the valley and ascend a ridge before descending to Todmorden.

Meet Point: Victoria station for the train at 10:26

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Return to Todmorden £8.70

Walk Start: Todmorden railway station at 11:05

Waypoints: Hole Bottom, Whirlaw Farm, Bridestones, Eleanor's Wood, Shore, Cornholme Ridge, Robinswood, Todmorden Park, Polished Knob.

Return Services: x.15, x.24, x.56 till 20.56, 21.34, 22.12.

Extra: No toilets at walk start.


Saturday 10th: River Mersey Walk & Social - West Didsbury to Chorlton linear

Tram-based walk 6 miles 50 metres ascent- Leader: Brendan

Description: A nice easy paced walk from the Metrolink tram stop in West Didsbury to Chorlton Green along the River Mersey. The walk is suitable for people who are unsure about their fitness and will be a good opportunity to get to know the regular members of the group. The walk will be flat, mostly along the bank of the Mersey but with some road walking from the tram stop to the river. We will stop off at Jackson's Boat for 30 mins for a drink before the short walk to Chorlton where we will visit some of the pubs around the Green or Beech Road. This area has many pubs and eateries.

Meet Point: Unlike most group walks, there will be no official meet in central Manchester, so make your own way to the start at West Didsbury Metrolink station in time for 14:00. Trams run from many Metrolink stations every 12 minutes.

Suggested Ticket: Metrolink Off-Peak All Day Travel Card £5.00 or a Weekend Travel Card £5.80 if you are using Metrolink on other days over the weekend (valid from Friday evening).

Walk Start: West Didsbury Metrolink station at 14:00

Waypoints: Palatine Road, Barlow Moor Road, Darley Avenue, River Mersey, Chorlton Water Park, Jackson's Boat, West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC, Brookburn Road.

Return Services: Every 12 minutes from Chorlton Metrolink station back to central Manchester. Chorlton tram stop is less than a mile from Chorlton Green.

Extra: No toilets on the route except in the pubs. Map EX 277


Saturday 17th: Whaley Bridge Circular via Eccles Pike

Train-based walk 10 miles 400 metres ascent - Leader: Bob & Jo S-L, meeting at Walk Start

Description: A circular walk taking in Buxworth Basin, through Crist and then ascending Eccles Pike. After taking in the views, we head down towards Bradshaw Hall Farm, Cockyard, Owlgreave farm, Combs. We stop here for lunch close to the Beehive pub and then after reaching Combs Reservoir, we begin climbing up to Woodside Farm, crossing Eccles Road towards Buxworth, and returning to Whaley Bridge.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 10:49.

Suggested Ticket: Whaley Bridge Off-Peak Day Return £7.90.

Walk Start: Whaley Bridge station at 11:30.

Waypoints: Buxworth Basin, Crist, Eccles Pike, Bradshaw Hall Farm, Cockyard, Owlgreave Farm, Combs, Beehive pub, Combs Reservoir, Woodside Farm, Eccles Road, Buxworth.

Return Services: 16:46, 17:43, 18:46, 19:44, 20:46, 21:44.

Extra: Toilet stops available at Whaley Bridge and the The Beehive pub - we will eat our packed lunch near the pub before going in for a drink. Car parking available at train station and on road around Whaley Bridge. Map EX OL24 and EX OL1.


Tuesday 20th: East Manchester Urban Walk - Fairfield to Manchester linear via Moravian Settlement

Train-based walk 5 miles - Leader: Martin

Description: An easy evening amble through the eye-catching Fairfield Moravian Settlement, then past the new developments and the Etihad Stadium on the Ashton Canal as we head back to Manchester.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 18:35.

Suggested Ticket: Fairfield single £2.60.

Walk Start: Fairfield station at 18:45.

Waypoints: Moravian Settlement, Ashton Canal.

Return Services: N/A, ends in Manchester.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start. Walk Start is also close to Droylsden tram station. Plenty of socialising options in Northern Quarter at end of walk.


Saturday 24th: Chelford Circular

Train-based walk7.5 miles 50 metres ascent- Leader: Max

Description: An afternoon walk through green meadows and country lanes.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 11:04

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Day Return to Chelford £9.20

Walk Start: Chelford station at 11:40.

Waypoints: Peover Lane, Cinder lane, Sycamore Farm, Grotto Lane, Over Peover, Merrydale Farm, Bowden Bank Farm, Sandhole Farm, Pepper Street, Chelford Heath.

Return Services: x:09 until 22:09, 23:32

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start. Map OS Explorer 268. There are two pubs en-route so we have the option of doing a long stop at the first pub or two shorter stops at either pub. If it is a hot day people may prefer to do the latter option? (We can take a vote). There is also the option of a pub visit at the end of the walk.




Saturday 1st: 1928 Staley Brushes Walk - Stalybridge to Broadbottom linear

Train-based walk 11 miles 500 metres ascent - Leader: Patra, meeting at Walk Start

Description: Inspired by an e-bay purchase of old books of walks we decided to try to recreate these routes to see what still existed and what was different. The first of these walks is Staley Brushes from a walk from 1928. The original walk involved a train ride from Exchange Station which was over the Irwell in Salford and at one point boasted the longest platform in Europe - The fare then was 1 shilling and threepence…. Walking in the footsteps of our 1928 predecessors we take a walk in the Cheshire countryside, now generally referred to as Tameside. The Brushes valley is still an important feature within Stalybridge Country Park. Leopold Hartley Grindon (28 March 1818 – 1904) who is referred to in the original walk was an educator and botanist and he also had a number of books of walks published. In his 1866 book, Summer Rambles in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, he describes how the new railway lines have given access to areas previously not possible to reach on a day’s excursion & Page 165 refers to Mortam and Broadbottom where we end up today. Our 2017 meet point is Victoria Station which at one point had a link with Exchange Station. Our linear walk takes in Heyrod, Sun Green, Higher Swineshaw, Hollingworth & Broadbottom where we will adjourn to the Harewood Arms to compare notes with the walk of the last century.

Meet Point: Victoria station for the train at 09:57. (Also possible to catch the 10:11 from Piccadilly - the walk will start after this train has arrived).

Suggested Ticket: System One bus & train DaySaver, off peak - £6.90 (Trains are on different lines so this is cheaper than two singles).

Walk Start: Stalybridge station at 10:30

Waypoints: Heyrod, Sun Green, Higher Swineshaw, Hollingworth.

Return Services: From Broadbottom station (all to Piccadilly): x:12 and x:46 until 19.46, 20.46, 21.46

Extra: Map OL1. Toilets at the start of the walk


Saturday 8th: Tolkien Trail - Clitheroe Circular

Train-based walk 15 miles 350 metres ascent - Leader: Jude

Description: A longer walk in a lovely area, heading a few miles southwest from Clitheroe to pick up the popular Tolkien Trail, and including farmland, riverside paths, woodland and historical buildings. JRR Tolkien spent time working on Lord of the Rings at the impressive Stonyhurst College in Hurst Green, and it’ s believed he was inspired in part by the surrounding countryside. It’ s a full day’s walking (7.5 - 8 hours approx), so bring plenty of water and food, as there are no shops once we’ ve left Clitheroe. Due to the length of the walk, this may not suit novice walkers. There are a few short ascents and descents, and if there has been recent rain it will be muddy in places.

Meet Point: Victoria station for the train at 09.03.

Suggested Ticket: Day return to Clitheroe £11.10.

Walk Start: Clitheroe station at 10:30. Map ref SD742420.

Waypoints: Clitheroe Castle, Higher Standen Hey Farm, Great Mitton, Lower Hodder Bridge, Winkley Hall, Jumbles Rocks, Hurst Green, Stonyhurst College, Higher Hodder Bridge, Withgill Knoll, Edisford Bridge.

Return Services: 18:45, 19:46, 20:45, 21:44, 22:48.

Extra: Some toilets at walk start, and part way around at pub stop. Registered assistance dogs only due to livestock that may be encountered on the route.Maps OL41 and 287.


Saturday 15th: Great Budworth & Anderton Boat Lift

Train-based walk TBC miles - Leader: Mags & Volker

Description: TBC

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at TBC

Suggested Ticket: TBC

Walk Start: TBC

Waypoints: TBC.

Return Services: TBC

Extra: TBC


Saturday 22nd: Marple Circular

Train-based walk TBC miles - Leader: John M & Ev

Description: TBC

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at TBC

Suggested Ticket: TBC

Walk Start: TBC

Waypoints: TBC.

Return Services: TBC

Extra: TBC




Saturday 5th: Heather Walk - Hadfield Circular

Train-based walk7.5 miles 450 metres ascent- Leader: Paul S

Description: This is a very scenic circular easy to moderate stroll in the Hadfield area. Starting at Hadfield railway station, we join the Longdendale Trail and go north to Bottoms Reservoir. Then to Tintwistle, where we might see the "fountain", if we have had some very wet weather in July and early August. We then walk up Arnfield Lane and head east up Arnfield Covert. We go uphill for 1.5 miles and then descend to a small quarry. We return to Tintwistle via Townhead Farm. Then back to Bottoms Reservoir and Longdendale Trail and Hadfield Station. What to see: Heather in flower, Bilberry fruit to pick, and Red Grouse (before the shooting season).

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 10:18

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Day Return to Hadfield £5.90.

Walk Start: Hadfield station at 11:00

Waypoints: Longdendale Trail, Bottoms Reservoir, Tintwistle, Arnfield, Lane, Arnfield Covert, Quarry, Townhead Farm, Bottoms Reservoir, Longdendale Trail.

Return Services: x:29 & x:59 until 18:59, 19.29, 20.29, 21.29, 22.29

Extra: Toilets at Walk Start. Map OL1




Sunday 10th: Ruthin Coach Walk (Joint Walk with Manchester Coach Rambles)

Coach-based walk TBC miles - at least three walks of varying lengths will be on offer - Leader: Gavin & others

Description: TBC

Meet Point: Chorlton Street, Britannia Hotel side, Manchester, for the coach at 08:50. Also pick up at: Stretford - opposite the Gorse Hill public house, Sale - The Vine public house, Altrincham - opposite The Orange Tree.

Suggested Ticket: Coach booking details to follow.

Walk Start: TBC

Waypoints: TBC.

Return Services: Coach leaves Ruthin at 17:30.

Extra: TBC





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