You don't have to book a place to go on any of our walks - just turn up at the designated meeting place!

Please ensure you are appropriately equipped for walking! If you do not have appropriate footwear, or are wearing jeans, the walk leader may refuse to let you join the walk. Before coming on a walk, please read the Before Walking page and our disclaimer. Also check the weather.

Can you lead a walk for our group too? Take a look at our Walk Leader Guidance Notes.




Saturday 29th: Rawtenstall to Castleton (North Manchester) linear

Train & bus-based walk 13 miles 500 metres ascent - Leader: John L

Description: We climb out of Rawtenstall onto Cowpe Lowe to join the Rossendale Way which takes us over Foe Edge and through Scout Moor wind farm. We cross the rather boggy Turf Moor to Tom Hill then descend to Ashworth Moor Reservoir (where there may be a refreshment van). We now follow the Rochdale Way through some farms then alongside the Naden Brook as it tumbles through a deep wooded gorge down to the River Roch. We follow the river upstream to Crimble then head across the fields to Castleton. Registered assistance dogs only due to livestock that may be encountered on the route.

Meet Point: Chorlton Street Coach station (stop EZ) for the X43 bus at 11:00.

Suggested Ticket: Single to Rawtenstall £4.80. To return from Castleton, a single to Victoria is £4.10(if travelling into Manchester by train in the morning, buy a return to Castleton, this shouldn't cost more than £5.90 from any station in the TfGM area).

Walk Start: Bus stop on Bank Street, Rawtenstall(stop L) at 11:50.

Waypoints: New Hall Hey, Brow Edge Quarry, Black Hill, Waugh's Well, Turf Moor, Tom Hill, Codshaw Quarry, Rough Lee Farm, Marcroft Gate Farm, Lee Holme, Wolstenholme Fold, Carr Wood, Gelder Wood, Simpson Clough, Hooley Bridge, Crimble Mill, Captain Fold, Castle Hawk Golf Club.

Return Services: From Castleton: (Train): x:14 & x:46 till 20:42, 21:14, 21:54, 22:30 (all to Victoria). (Bus): Frequent bus 17 to Shudehill in central Manchester.

Extra: Toilets in supermarket near Walk Start. Maps EX OL21 & EX277. We usually visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.




Saturday 5th: Heather Walk

Train-based walk 7.5 miles 450 metres ascent - Leader: Paul S

Linear or Circular walk?: Circular from Hadfield.

Description: This is a very scenic circular easy to moderate stroll in the Hadfield area. Starting at Hadfield railway station, we join the Longdendale Trail and go north to Bottoms Reservoir. Then to Tintwistle, where we might see the 'fountain', if we have had some very wet weather in July and early August. We then walk up Arnfield Lane and head east up Arnfield Covert. We go uphill for 1.5 miles and then descend to a small quarry. We return to Tintwistle via Townhead Farm. Then back to Bottoms Reservoir and Longdendale Trail and Hadfield Station. What to see: Heather in flower, Bilberry fruit to pick, and Red Grouse(before the shooting season).

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 10:18.

Suggested Ticket: Off Peak Day Return to Hadfield £5.90.

Walk Start: Hadfield station at 11:00.

Waypoints: Longdendale Trail, Bottoms Reservoir, Tintwistle, Arnfield, Lane, Arnfield Covert, Quarry, Townhead Farm, Bottoms Reservoir, Longdendale Trail.

Return Services: x:29 & x:59 until 18:59, 19:29, 20:29, 21:29, 22:29.

Extra: Toilets at Walk Start. Map EX OL1. We usually visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.


Sunday 6th: White Moss Municipal Quaker Estate

Train-based walk 6 miles - Leader: Phil M

Linear or Circular walk?: Linear from Harpurhey to Middleton

Description: We pass the Edwardian baths and green Victorian post box and descend into the beautiful Boggart Hole Clough and visit the Angel monument and Boggart Stone to learn the legend of the boggart. We then leave the park to enter Barry Parker's final and best municipal estate, where we will visit the Quaker houses, the widows homes, the spinster flats and the open greens. We will then enter the ancient Bailey's Wood and continue to the Hill Lane Estate - Manchester’s first municipal estate. We will then enter Alkrington Woods and pass the Georgian hall, finishing at Middleton Bus Station

Meet Point: No official group meet in central Manchester for this walk. Make your own way to Harpurhey Police Station, Moston Lane for 12:00. Board the number 17 bus at Shudehill Interchange at 11:00, 11:15 or 11:30 and get off at Moston Lane and walk a short distance east. It's a 15 minute journey from Manchester to Harpurhey.

Suggested Ticket: Middleton return £3.50.

Walk Start: Harpurhey Police Station, Moston Lane at 12:00

Waypoints: Boggart Hole Clough, Bailey's Wood, Alkrington Woods

Return Services: Frequent buses to Manchester.

Extra: Toilets and car parking at the leisure centre opposite the police station. Map EX277. Boots not needed as we will stick to good paths. We usually visit a pub close to the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along.


Saturday 12th: The Glazebrook Trail

Train/Bus-based walk 11 miles 100 metres ascent - Leader: John L

Linear or Circular walk?: Linear from Glazebrook to Leigh.

Description: The Glazebrook Timberland Trail follows footpaths close to the Glaze and Pennington Brooks from the Manchester Ship Canal at Cadishead to Pennington Flash Country Park in Leigh. We'll join the trail about half a mile from the Cadishead end and follow it all the way to Pennington Flash. A short walk through the Country Park brings us to the Leigh Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which takes us into Leigh town centre. As Leigh no longer has a railway we'll have to return to Manchester by bus, but this provides an opportunity to try the recently-opened Leigh guided busway.

Meet Point: Manchester Oxford Road station for the train at 12:16.

Suggested Ticket: Train & bus Daysaver £6.90.

Walk Start: Glazebrook station at 12:40.

Waypoints: Glazebrook Post Office, Great Woolden Hall, Little Woolden Hall, Moss House Farm, Light Oaks Hall, Windy Bank Wood, Hawk Hurst Farm, Sandy Pool Farm, Hope Carr Nature Reserve, Land Side, Pennington Flash, Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Return Services: From Leigh: First Bus service V1 at 17:20 & 17:35 then x:00 & x:30 until 23:00 (This service runs to Manchester Royal Infirmary via guided busway and Albert Square). Other buses(not via guided busway): Stagecoach 34 at 17:00 and 18:00(service runs to Piccadilly). Diamond 26 at 19:15, 20:15, 21:15, 22:15(also to Piccadilly).

Extra: Toilets in Pennington Flash Country Park, 9 miles into walk; there are none at Walk Start. Map EX276. We usually visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.


Saturday 19th: Tolkien Trail

Train-based walk 15 miles 350 metres ascent - Leader: Jude

Linear or Circular walk?: Circular from Clitheroe.


Description: A longer walk in a lovely area, heading a few miles southwest from Clitheroe to pick up the popular Tolkien Trail, and including farmland, riverside paths, woodland and historical buildings. JRR Tolkien spent time working on Lord of the Rings at the impressive Stonyhurst College in Hurst Green, and it's believed that he was inspired in part by the surrounding countryside. It's a full day's walking(7.5-8 hours approx) so bring plenty of water and food as there are no shops once we've left Clitheroe. Due to the walk's length, this may not suit novice walkers. There are a few short ascents & descents and, if there has been recent rain, it will be muddy in places.

Meet Point: Victoria station (near the ticket barriers) for the train at 08:53.

Suggested Ticket: Day return to Clitheroe £11.30.

Walk Start: Clitheroe station at 10:45. Map ref SD742420.

Waypoints: Clitheroe Castle, Higher Standen Hey Farm, Great Mitton, Lower Hodder Bridge, Winkley Hall, Jumbles Rocks, Hurst Green, Stonyhurst College, Higher Hodder Bridge, Withgill Knoll, Edisford Bridge.

Return Services: 18:52, 19:52, 21:03, 22:06.

Extra: Some toilets at Walk Start, and part way around at pub stop. Registered assistance dogs only due to livestock that may be encountered on the route. Maps EX OL41 & EX287. Walk Start gridref SD742420. We usually visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.




Saturday 2nd: Then and Now Series - historic walks revisited. Over the Moss

Train/Tram-based walk 10 miles 100 metres ascent - Leader: Brendan, meeting at Walk Start

Linear or Circular walk?: Circular from Altrincham.

Description: Inspired by an eBay purchase of old books of walks, we decided to try to recreate these routes to see what still existed and what was different. This walk will take us from Altrincham Metrolink station to Dunham Massey Country Park, Dunham Park and Dunham New Park before returning to Altrincham. The book, Fifty Week-End Walks Round Manchester, Selected & Described by Perigarth cost three shillings and sixpence net. The publication was produced by Hodder & Stoughton and the Manchester Evening News in 1951 and we are walking the route described as Walk 26, Over the Moss. The description states 12 miles but it is just short of 10 miles, that’s the wonder of OS Online maps and GPS. So, what has changed? Well, not much really, other than the English language moving on and losing the hyphen in weekend, much is still in place although I’m sure the landscape would have looked different then. Altrincham interchange is now a railway and Metrolink station. It would have then been known as Altrincham and Bowdon railway station in 1951 (it changed to Altrincham Railway station in 1974). The phone box referred to on Hartley Road is still there although the phone and box itself have probably been changed many times. Two Gates house could not be found and the pedestrian crossing that allows you to cross the single lane bridge over the canal I doubt was in place to manage traffic in 1951. The Sinderland level crossing is no longer part of the railway network and now forms a crossing of the Trans Pennine Trail. The house inscribed TSS 1833 is still there but a plaque saying Brookfield has been added, for some reason one of the more recent occupiers of the house must have felt that TSS 1833 wasn’t quite enough. One unfortunate (or fortunate depending on the way you swing) relatively recent addition to the area is the Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club which was built in the New Park in 1960. The path through the golf course is good but please be aware of golf balls.

Meet Point: There will be no official meet in Manchester ahead of this walk, so make your own way to Altrincham transport interchange for 10:00. (We need to start at 10:00 to get to Dunham Massey for lunch at a reasonable time, this is the best place for lunch).

Suggested Ticket: A Saturday return Metrolink ticket from Manchester to Altrincham is £4.60. If you are using the Metrolink on other days of the weekend it might be best to get a £5.80 weekend travel card.

Walk Start: Altrincham transport interchange at 10:00. (train, Metrolink tram and bus all call here)

Waypoints: Stamford New Road, Regent Road, Booth Road, Hartley Road, Wainwright Road, Oldfield Brow, Seamon's Road, Trans Pennine Trail, Peterhouse Farm, Mosshall Farm, Carr Green Farm, Trans Pennine Trail again, Dunham Woodhouses, Little Bollington, Dunham Massey, Dunham Forest Golf and Country Club and Dunham New Park.

Return Services: Trams are very frequent from Altrincham to the city centre.

Extra: Map EX 268 & 276. Toilets at Walk Start and Dunham Massey. We will visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk in Altrincham, and everybody is very welcome to come along. The first mile of the walk is on pavements, necessary to get out of Altrincham and in to the surrounding farmland and some of the footpaths have been a little unloved so expect passing through some light tree branches and growth/obstacles underfoot but it is generally ok.


Sunday 10th: Ruthin Coach Walk (Joint Walk with Manchester Coach Rambles)

Coach-based walk TBC miles - at least three walks of varying lengths will be on offer - Leader: Gavin & others

Description: TBC

Meet Point: Chorlton Street, Britannia Hotel side, Manchester, for the coach at 08:50. Also pick up at: Stretford - opposite the Gorse Hill public house, Sale - The Vine public house, Altrincham - opposite The Orange Tree.

Suggested Ticket: Coach booking details to follow.

Walk Start: TBC

Waypoints: TBC.

Return Services: Coach leaves Loggerheads at 17:30.


Saturday 16th: Gritstone Trail Part 1 Revisited (with an extra bit!)

Train-based walk 14.5 miles 600 metres ascent - Leader: Martin, joining at Hazel Grove

Linear or Circular walk?: Linear from Disley to Macclesfield.

Description: By popular request we repeat this walk along the opening section of Cheshire's 35 mile long Gritstone Trail (without the snowdrifts this time!). We enter Lyme Park via the East Lodge and climb up to Bow Stones. After reaching the highest point of the trail at Sponds Hill, we cross farmland in the Bollington area, before climbing again to White Nancy/Kerridge Hill along the old Trail. After dropping down to Rainow, it's back up to Kerridge Ridge via the new Trail route, before we end the walk in gentler fashion on the Macclesfield Canal. This is a long walk involving lots of ascent and descent, so it may not suit novice walkers, although there are bailout opportunities at Bollington where there are local buses.

Meet Point: Piccadilly station for the train at 09:49.

Suggested Ticket: Wayfarer £13, unless you are prepared to book an advance single on a Northern train from Macclesfield to Manchester. This option involves specifying the train on which you would return and buying in advance, doing it this way you could buy a £6 single to Disley on the morning of the walk to supplement the £2.50 advance single from Macclesfield to Manchester.

Walk Start: Disley station at 10:20.

Waypoints: Green Lane, Lyme Park East Lodge, Lyme Hall, Bow Stones, Sponds Hill, Berristal Hall, White Nancy, Kerridge Hill, Rainow village, Kerridge Ridge, Kerridge village, Macclesfield Canal.

Return Services: From Macclesfield: x:12, x:21 & x:41 until 21:21, 21:39, 22:12, 22:21, 22:48, 23:08.

Extra: No toilets at Walk Start. Toilets and non-alcoholic refreshments available at Lyme Park shortly after the start. Map EX OL1. Car drivers please note that Disley and Macclesfield are on different train lines, best advice for car drivers is to park at Stockport and join us on the train there at 10:01. We usually visit a pub close to the the railway station at the end of the walk, and everybody is very welcome to come along. You may want to make a note of the return train times as people return home at different times.




Saturday 18th: Pre-AGM Walk

Train/Tram-based walk TBC miles - Leader: TBC

Description: TBC. Walk will be followed by the group's AGM at the Briton's Protection pub on Great Bridgewater Street in central Manchester.

Meet Point: TBC

Suggested Ticket: TBC

Walk Start: TBC

Waypoints: TBC.

Return Services: TBC

Extra: TBC





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